Cornerstone assistants improving office structure

Experience Matters

Looking for a project-based, short-term administrative assistant or need long-term organization, filing and accounting systems put into place? Cornerstone Assistants offers expertise in all areas of administrative, accounting, human resources, client management, and database programs. Our ability to change your business dynamics (and therefore change your life) comes from a long history of improving the office structure and accounting systems for a variety of businesses.  We’ve assisted accounting, a winery, a golf course, a garage door company, manufacturers and distributors, insurance companies, and non-profits such as Girl Scouts and Special Olympics.

Simplify to Increase Revenue

Throughout the years we have taken administrative, bookkeeping, and HR systems from dysfunctional to optimal and increased revenue as a result. Not only does Cornerstone Assistants create systems that overhaul negative time and dollar balances, we make getting organized and staying that way a breeze. You will be profitable with less time spent on the paperwork and tedious chores with Cornerstone Assistants. We can help you minimize stress and get organized so you can focus on the “business” of your business while spending time on things that not only make you money but also make you happy!

History & Services

  • Purchase requisition preparation, coding, and delivery
  • All accounts receivable and payable activities
  • Audits
  • Budget analysis, creation, and management
  • Review financial records & develop systems
  • Grant money reconciliation
  • Monitor and maintain company expenses relating to grant money
  • Expense reduction methods
  • Administrative assistant responsibilities
  • Promote and reconcile various fundraising programs
  • Compile and utilize statistics for multiple baseline reports
  • Develop systems for communication efficiency
  • Create better functioning office systems
  • Sharepoint, QuickBooks, FORE!Reservations, and Excel                                                                                                            
  • Develop and implement plan to minimize employee payroll expense
  • Produce long-range expense forecasts
  • Streamline check writing procedures and reduce bank fees concurrently
  • Prepare and submit payroll to third party processing
  • Issue customer invoices and monitor accuracy
  • Utilize fixed assets and depreciation schedule
  • Maintain complete confidentiality at all times
  • Prepare and scheduled accurate tax preparation statements for CPA
  • Community outreach, event management, and business representation
  • Volunteer and host events for non-profits such as Special Olympics, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Church leadership and youth groups and local outreach
  • Manage and facilitate corporate events

Your Trusted Administrative Assistant

Though expertise is very important, it’s equally necessary to hire a professional administrative assistant who is positive, dependable, conscientious, organized, and detail-oriented; a trustworthy, skilled individual who makes life easier and becomes part of your team. That’s who you get with Cornerstone Assistants.

Whether you’re overwhelmed and not sure where to begin or working weekends instead of spending time with family, we can help you do more in less time and feel in control of your personal and professional destiny. We would be honored to be your trusted assistant creating order within your administrative and accounting systems so you can focus on what’s most important. Why wait? Contact us today for your free consultation! 314-807-4474. We can’t wait to meet you!