Focused On You

Are you overwhelmed? Spending weekends doing business activities you despise? Maybe you’ve thought about hiring a personal assistant but simply don’t know where to start or what tasks to give that person…Cornerstone Assistants is your solution! My name is Linda Otto and I started Cornerstone Assistants because I want to help small business owners like you focus on just that–your business! In this world of instant–well, everything, if you’re not keeping up, you’re not just falling behind on your “to-do” list; you might be falling behind the competition and losing money. Your time is better spent focusing on growing your business than loading paper in the printer and playing catch-up on the weekends! At Cornerstone Assistants, our sole purpose as your personal assistant is to help you focus on growing your business efficiently while relieving the stress of being too busy to focus. Your goals are our goals; your success is our success.

A Little History

I know first-hand how having a reliable, highly experienced and cross-trained personal assistant can relieve those paperwork and bookkeeping tasks that weigh you down. For over 35 years, my extensive, well-rounded administrative and bookkeeping activities made a positive difference to a variety of businesses like accounting firms, a garage door company, a winery, a golf course, insurance companies, a government agency, and non-profits like Special Olympics. Every company and organization has specific, unique needs that tend to boil down to one thing: organizing their systems in such a way that they increase revenue as a result. Not only can Cornerstone Assistants create systems that overhaul negative time and dollar balances, we make getting organized and staying that way a breeze.

Our “Why”

What are the non-tangible benefits of hiring a personal and professional assistant? Less worry, more time for profitable activities, and more precious time with loved ones. One of the reasons I started Cornerstone Assistants is because I too, want to spend more time with family. And I see a tremendous need for the small business owner to have a “team” to make their dreams a reality. Within my own business, I realized it takes a village to be a success. Being a one-person business or small company does not mean doing everything alone. That’s one reason you’ll see “we” throughout Cornerstone Assistants’ information. Though I am your personal assistant, I am connected with a team of amazing professionals that assist in making your goals a reality.

Relationship First

When you contact Cornerstone Assistants you get a free review consultation. During that time, we get to know each other first. A strong relationship and trust are key factors for you to feel comfortable hiring Cornerstone Assistants. Those things are also imperative on my end so that our working relationship is symbiotic. Once we’ve established a mutual rapport, we begin to determine your needs and start creating a plan. You’ll be amazed–once we have our first meeting, your stress level will feel reduced and you’ll have a sense of control you may have lost sight of.

Helping you focus on the “business” of your business while breathing a sigh of relief is not just our slogan–it is the reason for Cornerstone Assistants. We offer a free consultation to see how we can best help you; contact us today, 314-807-4474.